Saturday, April 12, 2008

welcome to my blog

well this seems like a good a time as any to embark on the bloggers world. i am starting my pottery studio, pottery verve, anew. this time it is located in the basement suite of a wonderful house in viking, alberta. we live in beaver county. i love it here, i feel a strong sense of surrogacy provided by these rural communities in alberta.

viking is a small town, the golf course is two blocks away, and owned by the town, not a monster conglomerate corporation. the original train station has been moved and converted into a tea room and art gallery. the guild members have recently completed renovations in the basement and a brand new, bright spacious studio awaits classes and workshops.

i am teaching there as well as at the kids summer camp. i will show my work every saturday in stony plain's country market. we have enough bedrooms in our house that i am offering an artist retreat style bed and breakfast.

this is a wonderful spring, and an excellent time to start something new. my new works are inspired by orbs, as always, and organic forms appropriated by way of ecology. my designs are wheel thrown and hand built then carved, water etched, sgraffito, and slip decorated. there is something for the garden, the table, your body, and the bath.

the photo i have included is my jumping off point for this new body of work. it is a watering can and planter in stoneware.

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