Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hot Tips! Pottery tips to change your studio life a little wee bit!

Hey Pottery Pals!
Today I have to share with you some awesome hot tips!
First, "The Best Tip Ever"

You know when your underglaze lids get all crusty and dried out and really hard to open? I personally just changed my own life! Put a thin layer of Petroleum Jelly a.k.a. Vaseline, around the lid and rim of the jars. Ta-Daa! You're welcome! Saves your wrists, thumbs and time.
Not only that! It also helps seal the lids so they are a bit air tight. This helps them last longer. Hey, you know how to make your underglazes last a really long time? 
Tip #2: add water to your underglazes when you first get them. Brand new underglazes are my absolute favourite. I started using a few commercial neon glazes also. If you split off the jar into another old jar, maybe you're empty jar, you're underglazes will last twice as long. Besides, I find a couple of thin coats is better than one thick coat. Drop a round pebble or two in the jars to help shake them up when it's time to go!
Tip #3: always have the jar sitting on the table while you open it. You know why? Ever spill a whole new jar of underglaze all over your breasts while teaching a class? Ya. BTDT. Tossed the Tshirt.
Tip #4: the mini mixers are great to remix all your dried up product! 

Make sure you put some of the Vaseline on the rim of the mixer and the lid! 
Tip #5: a toothbrush can be your best cleaning tool. Glazes dry hard sometimes and stick in the worst crevices! I have about 20 toothbrushes in the studio.
Well! Take my advice today and save yourself some moolah! Potters are poor!
Bonus tip:
Use a sharpie,

And label ALL THE THINGS! 

It makes it so much easier on "Artist Brain" while you're in the zone. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Make your own LegWarmers! #MYOL

There's alotta hashtags going around in my head! #MYOL so much fun!

This great, simple, Beginner's crochet pattern will get you through spring yoga sessions like a whiz! I am making fluorescent pink ones to start off!

EASY Crochet
These leg warmers will be most appreciated in the dead of winter when temperatures plummet and winds wail, but be sure to have them crocheted and ready to wear.  
Directions are given for size 9-11.  You will need two 4 ounce, skeins of 4 ply yarn and sizes I and K crochet hooks. 
Gauge: 3 hdc equal 1 inch 
Starting at lower edge with smaller ,hook, ch 30, join with sl st to form ring, ch 2, do not turn.
Row 1: Sc in each ch, join with sl st in top of ch-2, ch 2, do not turn.
Rows 2 through 8: Repeat Row 1.
Row 9: With larger hook, ch 2, hdc in each sc across, join with sl st in top of ch-2, ch 2, turn.
Repeat Row 9 to length desired, after last sl st, fasten off

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Friday, March 6, 2015


You get to choose and personalize your very own Pottery Verve Mug!
20 oz mug $40
16 oz mug $30

- grab a sharpie and sketch paper and draw out your design
- choose from any glaze finish
-in four to five weeks your mug will be ready to be picked up
-all special orders must be pre-paid by cash, credit, emt or paypal

Monday, March 2, 2015

March came blasting in!

It seemed like a whirlwind snowstorm brought March in! Have you seen my Electric Cobra Yoga Facebook dealio?
Click this:

It is time now for Kapha season which begins around March and continues until around June. We also know how much we all just want winter to get it over with already and bring on spring! 

I lurched around today as though watching a drone of myself carry out tasks, feeling heavy, as though my actions were working against me. When I noticed annoyance creeping up in the parking lot at the bank I gave a meagre smile out, wishing I hadn't left the house. Now that I am aware of my self care, through my yoga practice, I am inspired to find ways to cope with balancing these days of low, sluggish energy. Calling the government squashed my intentions today. My solution was a 2 slice dose of Donair pizza, big bottle of Canada Dry and two naps. My old habit of self medicating won out over any healthful solution in the moment. Going with the flow didn't really hurt that much.

After my second nap I started looking for a few yoga poses to help out my weird, sluggish body feeling. Sun Salutations are a great way to get moving! I like to promise myself to start with 3 on each side. After 3, sometimes I am ready to add in a couple more. I like to do the movements to my breath. 

Adding poses like Matsyasana Fish pose, Ustrasana Camel pose and Paripurna Navasana Boat pose  
Camel pose

to my practice today will help me release all that "i'm so sick of winter" stagnant energy from my body. You can click these links to help you get a feel for these rejuvenating poses. 
Fish pose

I started Electric Cobra Yoga so that I could help people find themselves in a yoga practice specific to their needs. And starting with some of my own needs helps me be a good listener to help teach my clients. I'm offering a Beginner Special of 3 one hour sessions to help people who believe they can't do yoga. Come on a yoga journey with me!
Boat pose