Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hot Tips! Pottery tips to change your studio life a little wee bit!

Hey Pottery Pals!
Today I have to share with you some awesome hot tips!
First, "The Best Tip Ever"

You know when your underglaze lids get all crusty and dried out and really hard to open? I personally just changed my own life! Put a thin layer of Petroleum Jelly a.k.a. Vaseline, around the lid and rim of the jars. Ta-Daa! You're welcome! Saves your wrists, thumbs and time.
Not only that! It also helps seal the lids so they are a bit air tight. This helps them last longer. Hey, you know how to make your underglazes last a really long time? 
Tip #2: add water to your underglazes when you first get them. Brand new underglazes are my absolute favourite. I started using a few commercial neon glazes also. If you split off the jar into another old jar, maybe you're empty jar, you're underglazes will last twice as long. Besides, I find a couple of thin coats is better than one thick coat. Drop a round pebble or two in the jars to help shake them up when it's time to go!
Tip #3: always have the jar sitting on the table while you open it. You know why? Ever spill a whole new jar of underglaze all over your breasts while teaching a class? Ya. BTDT. Tossed the Tshirt.
Tip #4: the mini mixers are great to remix all your dried up product! 

Make sure you put some of the Vaseline on the rim of the mixer and the lid! 
Tip #5: a toothbrush can be your best cleaning tool. Glazes dry hard sometimes and stick in the worst crevices! I have about 20 toothbrushes in the studio.
Well! Take my advice today and save yourself some moolah! Potters are poor!
Bonus tip:
Use a sharpie,

And label ALL THE THINGS! 

It makes it so much easier on "Artist Brain" while you're in the zone. 

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