Wednesday, January 13, 2010

off in the distance...

before i sat to purposefully type a blog i had many things to say......

the pottery studio is all ready to go in our new place. it feels like my studio, and tomorrow i am moving the computer, coffee carafe, and knitting projects to the table in there. i know the potting will come back to me any day now and i want to be ready when it does.

for a little while today i worked on knitting socks for my mom. i can't post the pic just yet, she doesn't know. let's just say i am obsessed with cables. i have ordered yarn for a xxl sweater for my handsome fellow, and a matching sweater for my handsome dog. i still have a sweater to knit for my daughter, leg warmers and slippers for other beautiful young ladies in my family, some warm cozies for another sweet young fellow i hug and smooch, and there is yarn set aside for lovely winter set for myself. i obsessed about finding a holder for my wip dpn projects. it took all day to find what i was looking for. as soon as i figure out how to attach stuff i will.

speaking of winter, riggs and i made it outside for a quick walk towards the ravine today. it was still -15 so we didn't make it far. we'll make it further with each day. we have to catch the sun.

haul truck is my J O B, art and pottery are my passion and career, knitting and cooking are my hobbies. sometimes the lines blur. like right now it would seem knitting is my passion. i think thats what flavours life. many favourites.

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