Sunday, June 10, 2012

A night at work...

June 5, 2012
8:40 pm overcast, rain showers, still daylight
Great night shift so far! Loading from an 850 on dyke 3 in a 785 dumping to a D11 on the 2x. Short haul + long load time = time to compose blogs! I've been planning and conniving for a week. I'm so excited to welcome my friends and followers to my new project.
My blogs composed at work are all hand written and drawn out in my sketchbook. Then i thumb tap them into my iphone on my way home :p
Looks like i can atlast justify purchasing the new ipad! With lots of memory. And 3g! I'll have to add the links and photos once i sit down to the dino laptop. Also this will get me sketching more. No photos from work but the odd drawing can't hurt...
On days off I'll be able to real time blog and create videos. Here is the rest of my night shift diary of a haul truck operator. Enjoy and come back often!
Playlist 80's on 8: def leppard, John Mellencamp, George Micheal, Hall & Oates, Madonna, Love Shack and Janet Jackson
Coffee: Keurig Donut House
Dinner: Tandoori chicken thighs and mixed vegetables(zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, prosciutto/salami, asparagus and eggplant, Ideal Protein orange drink (it does NOT taste like Tang! btw)

10 pm
Playlist Outlaw Country: Kelly Hogan live in studio!
Snack: IP peanut butter bar (I can't live without them)
Coffee: VIA Caramel Iced coffee

12:34 am is it full moon?
Playlist Outlaw Country:
"Come on up to the house" Willie Nelson
"the Weary Kind" Ryan Bingham
"Taneytown" Steve Earle
There's a loaded 797 packing the lift advancing over the lift I'm loading out. The dozer is pushing a new lift to replace the slop waste the 850 hoe is removing. This is the dyke 3 shell. There is a Komatsu loading out slop windrows from the core of dyke 3. There is a sand chimney between the shell and the core.
I add mango/peach MIO to my water. Get a little bored of plain water you know...

1:54 am
Playlist The Bridge
Steely Dan

Loading at 302 Komatsu chasing windrows
Sunset still visible on northern horizon
Orange moon to the south
Snack: veggie stew, water MIO

5:15 am
Playlist The Spectrum
The Travelling Willburys "the end of the line" not joking!
Finished hauling 20 loads from dyke 3, got sent out to fort hills for a load of sand in case it rains

5:35 shift change!
Playlist Outlaw Country
"Hang On" Alabama Shakes

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