Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Blog Soundtrack #1-Max Tailor "Ungodly Fruit"

Today's blog is brought to you by the word:

Last night I brought my Shimpo VL Whisper to my camp room. It is set up so that tonight I can use my short change to throw some cups. Long overdue special order cups for a very lovely and patient friend. 

After all that was in my room I realized I had not packed my pottery tool box. I hunted through the paraphernalia in the van for "make my own" tools. I came up with a spoon, a plastic pallet knife and a lace from my hiker. These three objects represent my basic throwing tools: The Wire Tool, The Metal Rib and The Wooden Trimming Tool. 

This morning, because I set my intentions to Shine, I was rewarded with an abundant Idea Day. I wrote out my ideas and lists, journaled and day dreamed. An idea for another wire tool came to me. Earplugs on a string! The next visit to the wash car had me treasure hunting along my walk. 

Here are the discarded and environmental rubbish items I found and gleened to "make my own" tools with: a leather glove, a piece of stake, a hunk of rope, a zip tie, a knotty root, a piece of lumber. I will post an informative video when I repurpose them. No earplugs on a string though. The discarded ones grossed me out. I'll find a fresh pack tomorrow. 

Here's me worshipping the sun while I was waiting for the shuttle last set. And chugging free coffee.

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