Sunday, July 21, 2013

Glitterbombed Energization List! (no need to call the Power Rangers)
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Today's blog comes to you from the front porch,                      
                in the shiny sunlight,                                               
                                           beside my best companion!

Things That Get Me Energized! 
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"My Relationship With Nature"





Good books:

"Idea day" (another post)


Good conversations!
Art galleries



NEW!! Swimming

     Self guided retreats                 Art supply stores                     Hardware stores

My "How to DeSuckify my J.O.B." list (a separate post!)
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Things that de-energize me:

The extreme heat and humidity during the last half of my Ontario trip knocked me on my ass and but for a few hours I was sick in bed. 
To turn this negativity around I:

1) Finished my novels
2) Made idea day lists, read favourite blogs and Pin bombed 
3) Had facetime with my partner and my dog 
4) Ate my mom's homecooked meals. She makes the world's best butter tarts. Not exaggerating!
5) Booked the airport shuttle to make the commute easy, swift and air conditioned
6) Called my partner's parents to pick me up at YEG as I boarded my plane at YYZ with a migraine
7) Slept in luxury at the 'rents rather than my original idea of driving all night back to YMM
8) Expressed gratitude to all of my family and friends who were both a part of and not a part of my wonderful vacation

I have been practicing the fine arts of surrender, acceptance and tolerance. I have discovered that in most situations one if not all three of these character traits are very useful!

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Holly Shaw said...

Hey, one of your Glitterbomb chicks here. I love how you turned the negativity around. Thanks for posting.

Tamara Hannah said...

thank you Holly!
did you click any of the links?