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T-Rex Mug Cakes

when you need breakfast food
Yesterday I did my groceries for the month, and while I am not exactly committing to a Whole 30 for January, I am going to try some of the recipes and suggestions. I love food. Food is my crutch. I especially love quick, savoury foods, and comfort food piles. Anyone else? My goals this year are to start hiking around the mountains, biking, and practising yoga daily. I do not have a specific weight loss goal in mind. Let me be honest though. I have stored extra fat around my abdomen and it concerns me that excessive visceral fat around my organs is causing me to have many issues. I struggle with adrenal fatigue, inflammation, muscle cramps, drowsiness, lack of energy, poor sleep to excessive insomnia. And. McDonald's caramel sundaes. So.

Yes, it's true: I used Thrive products for about a year now. I truly enjoyed the DFT patches and vitamins. I never have a bad word to say about another company. It is ok to change it up! Since I was noticing my Thrive stash dwindling, I really started watching (more like Facebook stalking) my friend Laura, and her journey as an It Works distributor. I fell in love with her enthusiasm for the products and how down to earth she is about sharing. I admit I was skeptical about the crazy wrap thing, but so interested in the supplements!! Spending the money is a non issue, because I am going to buy and use supplements whether they are from It Works, Thrive, a Health Food Store or Grocery, I've even used Melaleuca. They all work. They are all good.

What I like about It Works is the guess work has been taken care of. The formulas are all outlined. The products are non-GMO. But, most importantly, the people using It Works are all Happy. 

This is my 2016 word. 

The New Year always seems like a good time to try new things. "I'm not a New Year, New You kinda gal. There's just too much pressure. The expectation freaks me out. And too much excitement gives me adrenal fatigue. I have to stay level headed. And I have to stay off the bagels..."
My It Works wraps came in yesterday, and I wrapped last night. I am looking forward to learning all I can about these amazing products. I can't wait to start sharing my experiences later this month...
First, this afternoon I made an abundant Sweet Potato and Beef Stew, it is simmering in my Ninja slow cooker as I compose. My landlord just exclaimed out in the hallway, "Oh! It smells so good!" I mean really, anyone can make stew right? I'll offer up my recipe in a future collection:
Abundant Sweet Potato and Beef Stew
*heart heart swoon
"Breakfast" is my most neglected meal of the day, while knowing this contributes to my Adrenal Fatigue issue. So, here we are discussing the breakfast option. I have grown tired of smoothies, especially since I am actually required to chew them. In their book "It starts with Food" Dallas and Melissa give a good talk about not drinking your calories. I love the chocolate protein smoothie from Vega, so I invented the Chocolate Protien Mug Cake. Because, chocolate. My almond milk is Almond Breeze. It has carageenan(not allowed on Whole 30), and I welcome any suggestions on an almond milk product that is not full of additives, aside from making my own. What you're really here for is this:
my mug cake with melted peanut butter
My T-Rex Chocolate Mug Cake

1 scoop protien powder(Vega is not listedon Whole 30 as it is made up of pea protien and contains stevia)
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 egg white
3 tbsp chocolate almond milk (and a splash of water because the microwave uses the water to cook)
2 tsp shredded coconut
1 tbsp cocoa
Mix all dry ingredients together.
Whisk wet ingredients, (egg white, water, chocolate almond milk) then add to dry ingredients and stir it up. Pour mixture into your favourite mug, I used T-Rex because he makes everything strong.
Microwave 45 seconds, check it, microwave 45 more seconds.
-melt a bit of peanut(peanut butter is not on the Whole 30 list) or almond or hazelnut butter and drizzle on top
-chopped nuts or dried fruit
-fresh berries

style all the things!

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