Sunday, September 8, 2013

Work bag Inventory

Each shift when I'm packing up my lunch I wonder how can my bag really be so heavy? There's not that much in my lunch really. Then tonight I really thought about the items that have permanent residence in this bag. And I'm compiling a list. Mostly for my own Bag inventory status, but maybe someone else will relate. 
This bag, from Under Armour, has a lifetime guarantee. I'm not sure who's lifetime exactly, but in haul trucker land bags get pretty beat up. I purchased this one in 2008 when I was at Aurora with 501. People used to always tease me about it. Whatever. When it's fully loaded, like right now, it probably weighs a good forty pounds. I should weigh it...
It has a big main compartment and three auxiliary compartments. 
In the main compartment I pack up a cooler bag with my lunch. Tonight I have packed: 
Thermos with energy smoothie and straw
Thermos with lemon ice water
Thermos with ice
Bottle of gingerale
2 slices donair pizza
Spinach salad with strawberries, onion, celery, donair sauce
3 celery
Baggie of vitamins
I just realized I forgot a fork for my salad. I have been known to use coffee stir sticks as chopsticks when this happens.
On top of the cooler bag I pack in my activity baggs:
2 ziploc bags with a sketchbook, note pad, graph paper, blank paper, 12 sharpie markers, 2 black pens, one blue pen, 3 pencils, 6 highlighters, 6 sparklie pens. An eraser. Tape. Fluorescent orange post its. 
Also I packed in some Voltaren, Advil and a facecloth with ice cubes and lavender. This is the pain and fatigue care package. 
At the last minute before leaving I tossed in a third slice of pizza and the bag of lime tortilla chips. What!?
Already you can see the bulk of the weight of this bag!
I'll try to finish up quick. One outside aux space holds my coffee mug, a French press coffee mug with ground coffee (both stainless) a jar of honey, and a toiletries bag. This bag holds a toothbrush, toothpaste, bobby pins, a mirror, tweezers, lavender essential oil, and chewable pepto bismol.
In the other end is the second aux space where I have shoved an extra tshirt, keys, socks, earbuds, charger, arm Warmers and Puffs. 
Last! There's a side aux compartment where I stash my glasses, extra safety gloves, ear plugs, FLRA forms and a flashlight/clock combination. Right now my new team long sleeve shirt is also shoved in there. 
That's a lot of stuff! I compiled this list from memory so who knows what I haven't included.
Eleven and a half hours is a long stretch. I come up with my best ideas, plans and lists during this time. 
If you had to pack for a shift this long what would you bring?

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