Sunday, October 19, 2014

Strawberry Coulis and United Way Breakfast

We have the wonderful opportunity of fundraising for the United Way every year at my "Other Job". So far we have had photos with our equipment, Steak dinner, chocolate bliss, 50/50 draws and trip tix! Last Sunday The Ladies, Tina and Lynn, organized a lovely brunch breakfast for everyone in the mine. It was fantastic and so delicious! Everyone who participated enjoyed this, I'm sure.
Well for me it was such a nice contribution to be able to offer one of my favourite side dishes to French Toast.
 My strawberry coulis secret recipe was a hit! So for everyone who likes to cook here is the basic recipe I used, along with my secret ingredients. I encourage you to try your own additions! Enjoy!

Delicious Secret Recipe Strawberry Coulis

5x 600g bags frozen strawberries, combination sliced and whole
1 organic Honey crisp apple, coarsely chopped
1x 500g box 100% Natural Raw Sugar
1tbsp organic vanilla

Combine berries, apple and sugar in large pot and simmer on medium until everything is melted and juicy, stirring occasionally. Turn heat to low. Add vanilla.
Next I added 1 tbsp orange juice, a couple dashes of Real Salt(do not use iodized table salt it will turn your coulis brown) and a slight dash of cinnamon. Stir. Carefully blend a few cups in the blender making sure all of the apple is blended so it stays a secret. You want to have a good balance between whole berries and pureed fruit. Stir together blended fruit back to the pot and raise the temperature until the fruit comes to a rolling boil. Carefully stir the coulis for a minute then remove from heat. Pour the coulis into large, hot mason jars, or small ones to give away! Keep it in the fridge. Make French Toast!

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